QlikView Performance and Scalability is a technical course that explores the factors that affect performance of a QlikView platform. The course teaches the tools to test and evaluate system performance. It covers the techniques to analyze and diagnose performance bottlenecks. It also discusses how application design and hardware architecture can affect performance. And demonstrates practical designs and solutions for an optimally performing and scalable QlikView platform.

Class Type and Duration

  • Instructor led or Virtual Instructor led*
  • 2 days

Course Prerequisites

  • Experience with the installation and administration of a QlikView Server platform in a production environment
  • Experience using QlikView
  • A general understanding of QlikView application architecture
  • Familiarity with server hardware architectures


  • Data Architects
  • System Administrators
  • Qlik Partners
  • Qlik Consultants

Skills Learned

  • Understanding the elements that influence the performance of the QlikView platform
  • Ability to use analytical tools, logs and techniques to test and evaluate performance
  • A basic understanding of application performance considerations
  • Knowledge of how the physical environment affects performance and which elements contribute towards a high performing and scalable QlikView platform

Course Outline

  • Elements of performance
  • Performance testing
  • Using scalability tools
  • Overview of application considerations
  • Analyzing performance results
  • Server hardware architecture
  • Memory usage and disk storage
  • CPU, cores, connections, and NUMA
  • Scaling QlikView