Self-service business intelligence with Cognos Analytics

IBM CognosIncentive Compensation Management (formerly Varicent) is a highly flexible and scalable sales ICM product. It is designed to increase operational efficiency, accuracy, and audiability by automating incentive calculations and providing online compensation statements and reporting for employees.

Sales management and compensation professionals can view sales effectiveness reports to ensure the sales team is executing in alignment with the sales strategy, track the sales team’s performance to identify coaching opportunities, manage territory definitions and crediting rules to ensure the company has adequate sales coverage, set sales quotas based on market opportunity and quickly implement changes in response to a changing business landscape.

In the IBM® Incentive Compensation Management , you can manage payment for individuals who receive variable compensation, including the sales force, management, or distribution channels. Incentive Compensation Management enables organizations to design, manage, and automate the calculation of variable payment for dozens of plans and thousands of employees simultaneously. From the client, administrators can add models, customize tables, import data, add calculations, and report on results.