Are you ready to take your skills to the next level? QlikView Advanced Topics in Design and Development is a specialized course for experienced QlikView Business Analysts and Data Architects. To benefit from this course you should have at least six months of QlikView application development experience. The course takes you through a combination of demonstrations and exercises to master Set Analysis, other advanced expressions, data modeling, performance and design concepts, incremental data loads, and Direct Discovery.

Class Type and Duration

  • Instructor led or Virtual Instructor led*
  • 2 days

Course Prerequisites

  • Completed QlikView Designer and Developer courses
  • At least 6 months of advanced design and development experience


  • Business Analysts
  • Data Architects

Skills Learned

  • Identify the advantages and use cases for advanced Set Analysis
  • Use the appropriate functions in Set Analysis expressions
  • Debug and fix Set Analysis expressions
  • Use other advanced functions such as Hierarchy and Aggr
  • Validate the data and the results
  • Identify advanced data modeling and table integration approaches used to develop QlikView applications
  • Explain QlikView data storage concepts and apply performance tuning techniques
  • Explain the fundamentals of Direct Discovery

Course Outline

  • QlikView data storage
  • QlikView data modeling
  • Incremental loads
  • Expression calculations
  • Set analysis components
  • Advanced set analysis
  • Controlling dimensions and expressions
  • Alternate states
  • Additional functions
  • Resources
  • Enterprise deployment
  • Direct Discovery