Course Description

This course provides training to new administrators on the fundamental tasks of installing and configuring IBM Cognos Analytics, and administering servers and content in the environment. In the course, participants will install and configure the IBM Cognos Analytics software, implement security, and manage the server components. Students will also monitor and schedule tasks, create data sources, and manage and deploy content in the portal and IBM Cognos Administration.


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Knowledge of Web application server architecturesSecurity systems administrationExperience using basic Windows functionalityExperience using a Web browserKnowledge of your business requirements 


  1. IBM Cognos Analytics enterprise components
  2. role of the Administrator in relation to the IBM Cognos Analytics administration workflow process
  3. role of IBM Cognos Administration and IBM Cognos Configuration
  1. the features of the IBM Cognos Analytics architecture
  2. the three architectural tiers
  3. IBM Cognos Analytics servlets and services
  4. the default servlet container and alternatives to its use
  5. an example of IBM Cognos Analytics request processing
  6. installation options
  7. load balancing mechanisms
  8. configuration options
  9. the IBM Cognos Application Firewall
  1. Identify the IBM Cognos Analytics security model
  2. Define authentication in IBM Cognos Analytics
  3. Define authorization in IBM Cognos Analytics
  4. Identify security policies
  5. Secure the IBM Cognos Analytics environment
  1. Describe the tasks required to administer the IBM Cognos Analytics server environment
  2. Perform administrative tasks using IBM Cognos Administration
  3. Manage dispatchers and services
  4. Examine the log message facility
  5. Tune performance of servers
  6. Identify issues while troubleshooting the server environment
  7. Identify the IBM Cognos Analytics backup strategy
  8. Administer dynamic cubes
  1. Manage current, upcoming, and past activities
  2. Manage schedules
  3. Enable and disable schedules
  4. Set queue priority for schedules
  5. Suspend a schedule until a later time
  1. Add a data source
  2. Manage visualizations in the Library
  3. Plan and perform a deployment
  4. Identify how to maintain the IBM Cognos Analytics content store
  5. Identify other content management considerations
  1. Manage user profiles
  2. Identify how to manage packages through the IBM Cognos Analytics portal