Course Description

This course is designed to teach participants how to identify components and sub-components of the IBM Cognos Analytics architecture and how to use tools and techniques to provide a foundation to troubleshoot issues. Through lecture and interactive exercises participants will identify IBM Cognos Analytics components, examine how these components interact with Java, and will explore logging to assist when troubleshooting issues.


Please refer to course overview.


Administrators responsible for administering the IBM Cognos Analytics 11.0 environment


  • IBM Cognos Analytics: Administration (v11.0) course or equivalent experience administering the IBM Cognos Analytics environment.


Architecture Overview  

  1. Identify IBM Cognos 11.0 architectural components
  2. Describe Service-Oriented Architecture in IBM Cognos Analytics
  1. Describe IBM Cognos Dispatcher
  2. Describe request routing and the routing process
  3. Describe Content Manager Cache Service
  1. Identify IBM Cognos services
  2. Explore the architecture in IBM Cognos 11.0
  1. Describe Java memory layout
  2. Manage Java memory
  3. Use tools to monitor Java memory
  1. Describe installation logs and configuration logs
  2. Explore audit logging
  3. Explore IPF logging
  1. Identify dye tracing requirements
  2. Perform dye tracing
  1. Explain Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) logging
  2. Explain IBM Cognos Dynamic Query Analyzer (DQA)
  1. Explore component logging for Gateway, Dispatcher, Report Server, and Universal Data Access layer
  1. Explore diagnostic tools and utilities for special task logging