Laying a strong foundation for QlikView is critically important for allowing your organization to better manage, monitor and deploy QlikView business discovery applications to business users. The QlikView Server Publisher course is for System Administrators to develop and sharpen their skills in product installations, deployment methods and security integration with the QlikView platform. The course progresses from a basic, single-server installation to more advanced configurations involving QlikView Server and Publisher, including advanced scalability, connectivity and management of larger, more complex enterprise deployments.

Class Type and Duration

  • Instructor led or Virtual Instructor led*
  • 3 days

Course Prerequisites

  • Hands-on experience with server technology


  • System Administrators
  • Consultants responsible for QlikView Server implementations

Skills Learned

  • Understand the architecture and components of QlikView Server and Publisher
  • Complete a standard installation and configure QlikView Server and Publisher on a single server
  • Add, manage, distribute and secure QlikView applications
  • Complete advanced administration tasks using a multiple QlikView Server and Publisher configuration
  • Identify the configuration options for the clustering of QlikView Servers
  • Identify tools that monitor and manage the QlikView Server Publisher environment

Course Outline

  • Deployment types and installation
  • Server components and architecture
  • Licenses
  • QlikView server configuration – QMC
  • Security
  • User and document management
  • Social business discovery
  • Logging and monitoring
  • Advanced administration
  • Multi-Server and distributed deployments
  • Troubleshooting