Deploy and Administer Qlik Sense is a technical course that gives you the information, tools, techniques, and skills necessary to deploy, set up, configure, and maintain a Qlik Sense Enterprise platform. Explore security architecture configurations, load balancing, and single sign-on methods. Take advantage of Qlik Sense’s enterprise-class governance capabilities for ensuring quality, accuracy, and security of data and analytics.

Class Type and Duration

  • Instructor led or Virtual Instructor led*
  • 2 days

Course Prerequisites

  • Fundamental knowledge of IT business systems and operations
  • Knowledge of Windows Server OS, Active Directory (or other user directory service)
  • Basic system security awareness
  • Understanding of Qlik Sense or QlikView recommended


  • System Administrators
  • Enterprise Architects

Skills Learned

  • Understand deployment plan requirements
  • Deploy single and multi-node configurations
  • Install Qlik Sense Enterprise with shared persistence
  • Explore the QMC
  • Add and manage users
  • Understand Qlik Sense licensing model
  • Configure user license tokens
  • Add and manage apps, extensions, objects, streams and tasks
  • Understand Qlik Sense Enterprise security
  • Manage and audit system security
  • Understand data security with section access
  • Configure virtual proxies
  • Add and manage data connections
  • Explain various methods for load balancing
  • Manage multiple schedulers
  • Discuss single sign-on concepts
  • Monitor and troubleshoot typical system issues

Course Outline

  • Business case
  • Server Components
  • Single and multi-node architecture
  • Qlik Sense install and the QMC
  • Add and manage users
  • Apps, extensions, objects, streams and tasks
  • Proxies & virtual proxies
  • Schedulers
  • Qlik Sense security
  • Data connections and data security
  • Load balancing
  • Single sign-on concepts
  • The Operations Monitor Troubleshooting